Our Programs

FAIR GAME uses a holistic approach which combines health education, fitness programs and recycled sports equipment, to reduce the risk of lifestyle related disease, build social cohesion and improve mental well-being.

We do this through our 4 programs;

Game On

Sport and fitness activities to get communities active

Healthy Communities

Interactive education to deliver critical health messages

& Donate

Giving pre-loved sports equipment to those who need it most

Fair Game

Allowing young Australians to achieve their volunteering potential as ‘Fair Gamers’.

game On!

Game On! encourages active communities through unique, fun, sports-based activities which promote fitness, teamwork and co-ordination.

Fair Gamers are trained to provide a variety of programs based on the unique requirements of each community. These include basketball and AFL based games, dance as well as the NAPCAN award-winning Wellness Walkabout yoga program, a culturally appropriate yoga program published in highly endangered Indigenous languages.

The Game On! program has been developed and delivered in partnership with a number of organisations including the Department of Sport and Recreation, Garnduwa, Teach Learn Grow, ICEA and the AFL. The program has been recognised through national awards including NAPCAN Play Your Part Award.

To read a media article about our Game On! program;

FG Quote Mark

One awesome recent memory would be in Jigalong (Pilbara) where we played water polo with the kids every day. We were able to teach the local police how to play too and donate some water polo gear to the local pool so that the police could run water polo sessions once we had gone to keep the kids busy over summer!

Senior fair Gamer


Healthy Communities

Healthy Communities uses fun, interactive health education activities to engage children in evidence based practices in the areas of oral, feet, ear and hand hygiene; meningococcal prevention, nutrition and smoking.  This program is designed by health care professionals and assists in the prevention of communicable and chronic disease.

The Healthy Communities program works towards enhancing wellbeing in all aspects of life enabling young people to make informed lifestyle choices that promotes resilience, social cohesion and positive daily health practices.

Each child receives a Fair Game backpack containing various items that support building these health practices into habits.  Items include soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste and band aids.

Fair Game uses a collaborative approach, partnering with local and national organisations to ensure health messages follow national standards, utilise best practice and are consistent in order to maximise their impact. Sessions are implemented in a culturally appropriate manner regardless of location.

Partner organisations include Oral Health Education Unit, Amanda Young Foundation, Department of Health WA, Foodbank, Diabetes WA, Wilson MedicOne and Act-Belong Commit.

Outcomes of the Healthy Communities program have been researched in a speech pathology honours project by Sarah Power (healthy ears coordinator) and in a journal article written by Dr John van Bockxmeer

The program has been awarded a Healthier WA Award’ and ‘Act-Belong Commit Award’

FG Quote Mark

Since you’ve been coming and doing feet washing every term I’ve noticed a big reduction in the number of sores on the students’ feet

Nullagine School


Recycle & Donate

Fair Game collects preloved sports equipment and distributes it in response to specific requests from under-serviced communities.  This equipment helps remove barriers to participation in sport and fitness activities having a positive social and environmental impact!

Since 2011 Fair Game has distributed over 35,000 recycled items to communities in need.

We are always in need of basketballs, AFL footballs, soccer balls and football boots but we accept a wide variety of sporting equipment and sports shoes.  All donated items must be clean and in functional condition.

Volunteer Fair Gamers meet every 12 weeks for a ‘busy bee’ cleaning and packaging sports equipment for delivery to community partners.

FG Quote Mark

We once delivered 30 pairs of men’s boots in response to a request from Wangkatjungka’s men’s community footy team so they could play in a carnival in Fitzroy Crossing which was wonderful to be able to support

Senior fair Gamer

Head to 'donate equipment' to find out how you can donate your pre-loved sports equipment

Fair Game Academy

The Fair Game Academy builds the capacity, skills and knowledge of young Australians to allow them to achieve their volunteering potential as ‘Fair Gamers’.

The Academy offers a unique mix of formal and informal training and development opportunities in Fair Game’s sport, fitness, wellness and sports equipment recycling programs. The Academy’s program focuses on several key areas including leadership development, communication, teamwork, information technology skills and cultural awareness.

The skills gained through participation in the Academy and the improved understanding of the not-for-profit sector will ultimately lead to more effective community development, health promotion and project management skills, all of which are complementary to a wide range of occupational disciplines.

The Academy is committed to supportive, best practice adult learning and has established links with secondary and tertiary education institutions to ensure the initiative is delivered appropriately and to the maximum effectiveness. Online resources are also available for all Fair Gamers regardless of their geographic location.

The Fair Game Academy encompasses training and development for the following people:

  • Fair Gamers – passionate young people trained to deliver Fair Game’s unique health, fitness and wellness programs.
  • Senior Fair Gamers – Fair Gamers with 12-18 months volunteering experience.
  • Friends of Fair Game – community members who donate their time at the Fair Game facilities in Perth throughout the year.
  • Fair Game Vocational Training – university students through service learning activities.
  • Fair Game Committee (Committee Development Program) – committee members through training in not-for-profit management.

To find out how you can become a 'FAIR GAMER' head to: