Corporate Sponsorship

building a Fit & Healthy Australia

We partner with companies committed to building a better future

Fair Game is a charitable organisation registered nationally with ASIC and endorsed by the ATO as a Deductable Gift Recipient. We offer companies a unique opportunity to make a significant difference in health education and community development in Australia.

There are long term advantages to your business from partnering with Fair Game and connecting with young people in under-serviced communities.

Through cause-related marketing, your business can benefit from:

  • increased brand awareness and sales;
  • improved client and customer relationships by creating trust and goodwill for your corporate brand;
  • a boost to staff morale and positive organisational culture as employees feel a sense of pride and purpose when they know their organisation is making a difference in the community;
  • increased staff engagement leading to increased productivity and staff retention;
  • attracting the best and brightest – according to a recent study over 80% of candidates consider an organisation’s commitment to social issues when deciding where to work.

Strategic contributions can support our programs in alignment with your company’s interests and core values whilst engaging employees in various ways.

Opportunities Include:

Sponsorship: Opportunities for sponsorship with Fair Game include our regional programs, Recycle & Donate program and Fair Game Academy.

In-Kind Sponsorship: Does your organisation have skills, products or services that could assist us in our work? In-kind sponsorship allows us to keep our costs low and impact high.

Workplace Giving: High impact, low cost and tax effective, workplace giving is the smart way for your staff to give.  More… 

Sports Equipment Donation Drives: Practical efforts to support sustainability as well as increasing accessibility to sports.

Volunteering:We can organise a busy bee for some of your staff to come and help sort equipment and pack it up to meet request.  Some of your staff may wish to become Fair Gamers and deliver programs to underserviced communities. More…

Horizon Power has been a sponsor of Fair Game since the beginning - here's why ...

“Horizon Power has been committed to building and supporting regional community initiatives for more than 14 years. Through this period Fair Game has been one of our longstanding community partners. 

Their core strategy of building capacity and resilience for people living in remote and regional WA via healthy lifestyle choices is deeply connected to our community commitment and guiding principles. We are delighted that as a result of our long-term collaboration with Fair Game, we have helped deliver a unique and sustainable program across regional WA which continues to improve the health and well-being of rural and regional communities.”

If you would like more information on corporate sponsorship, we would love to hear from you!