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Seven Years in the Pilbara

Seven Years in the Pilbara

It is 8pm and I’ve arrived back into Port Hedland after a fantastic trip to Warralong and Nullagine communities. This has been an emotive time for me as the founder of Fair Game. Last night as I sat at Lynas Lookout reflecting on seven years of Fair Game trips to these communities, I realised how proud I am of our recently appointed CEO Nicki Bardwell and our 150 Fair Gamers.

By John van Bockxmeer

Analysing our programs and participant interaction, it is clear that we have etched a place within the culture of the Pilbara region. Witnessing young people aged 4-22 years coming together for a Fair Game community sport and fitness event made me realise we have come a long way in achieving our mission. The twelve year olds of 2010 are now adults we’ve maintained meaningful friendships with. Fair Game health and fitness messages have been present for the entirety of some children’s lives.

In Nullagine I was heartfelt to see young girls engaging with all aspects of our programs with huge smiles on their faces. Feedback from staff highlighted the impact we are having. One of the teachers commented, ‘Since you’ve been coming and doing feet washing every term I’ve noticed a big reduction in the number of sores of the students’ feet’. We provided healthy salad wraps as after school snacks which were consumed at record pace! For the first time our hygiene backpacks were more popular than basketballs as prizes and the Fair Game ‘BoomBall’ game was more requested than football!

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