Pannawonica & the Robe River Rodeo

It was an early start on the morning of the Robe River Rodeo as three Fair Gamers from the Port Hedland hub headed to the Pilbara town of Pannawonica. Located inland around two hours south of Karratha, Pannawonica is a small mining town that once a year hosts all the cowboys of the North West in this spectacular event.

Karen Bromley, Fair Gamer Port Hedland Hub

Fair Game was invited to support the event and add value by running meaningful health and fitness sessions for the children involved with the event, most of whom had come with their parents from surrounding towns and communities.

As soon as our presence was announced over the PA we had a swarm of enthusiastic kids that hung around for most of the day. Favourite activities included the Fair Game classic ‘Boomball’, as well as some new activities we specifically designed for the event to have a rodeo theme like tug-o-war and sack races! Yoga and stretching were a massive hit in the heat of the day. We were blown away by the energy of all involved and loved giving our participants the opportunity to share some of their games with us in return.

In addition to having a great time, it was also an awesome experience for us to take in the incredible skills of those working on the stations throughout the region. It gave us a little bit of insight into the dangers of remote station life and the stoic attitude of the men and women involved. We would like to thank our partners the Robe River Rodeo committee for their very generous hospitality towards us as volunteers, Rio Tinto for providing us with accommodation and the Pilbara Community Chest Fund provided by the Pilbara Development Commission and Royalties for Regions for facilitating the opportunities afforded to our Port Hedland Hub.

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