Matt's Story

Fairest & Best

Matt Wilson

Matt is 22 and recently graduated with a Biomedical Science/Finance degree from Notre Dame.

Matt joined Fair Game in mid-2019 after hearing about Fair Game through friends and seeing some of what we do. He felt Fair Game was an organisation which really was making a difference and said that in all honesty, he was already convinced about signing up before meeting the team, and then upon meeting us, you could not have dragged him away!

In Matt’s relatively short time with Fair Game he helped launch our merchandise range, dedicated countless hours to the Recycle &
Donate program, delivered operations across multiple
regional trips, and helped facilitate training for over 40 new volunteers. With that list of achievements it is easy to see why he was recognised as ‘Fairest and Best’.

“My highlight would have to be the incredible people that I get the chance to work alongside every day. Every Fair Gamer is always happy to lend a hand and help out whenever they can, and are so welcoming to new volunteers!”

Matt Wilson

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