Fair Game has a very low cost model of delivery for our programs and pre-loved sports equipment but the more money we raise the more communities we can reach so we would love your help fundraising.


Fair Game organise an annual Quiz Night in Claremont in August and an annual Mega Yoga Event – The Wellness Walkabout – in October at the Supreme Court Gardens in Perth’s CBD.  If you would like to volunteer to help with the organisation or running of either event please email us at


Alternatively you might like to organise a fundraiser for Fair Game yourself.  We would be delighted to help you where we can with promotional material.

Facebook together with PayPal now offer a free fundraising platform similar to GiveNow and Everyday Hero but with zero fees to your donors or to the charity!!


There are many different ways to fundraise so here are just a few ideas to get you thinking;

Sports and Fitness Challenges

Participate in one of the major sporting events such as the Rottnest Swim or HBF Run for a Reason and ask for sponsorship or ask your friends to sponsor you in a sporting challenge of your own.

Get Dressed Up

Organise a team colours /casual clothes/themed fancy dress day at your work or school for a gold coin donation.

Do Something Social

Organise a movie screening night or, for a super easy idea, try a Big Night In – invite your friends over in PJs and ugg boots for a pizza and donate the money you would have spent going out.

People Love To Eat

Invite friends to pay to attend a morning tea or curry night, or organise a cake stall.

Give Up Something

Encourage your friends to join you giving up something such as your daily coffee for a month and donate the money instead.

Most of these ideas are super simple to organise so pick one, choose a date and get started!