Thank you for your interest.
Applications to become a Fair Gamer are accepted from Jan – Feb and May – July each year. If you would like to register your interest and apply for our programs, please head over to our Get Involved page.

All volunteers need current Working With Children Certificates and Police Checks (ie not more than 2 years old) before they can go on any trips. If you already have them that is great. If not once you have completed training we can apply and pay for a Police check for you. You will need to apply for the WWCC yourself as it requires a photo. However we will reimburse you for the cost once you have completed training (if it is signed by a Fair Game staff member and you have selected the reduced rate for ‘volunteer services’).


Your application will be reviewed by our recruitment and selection committee. We are looking for people who are passionate about what we do and can make a commitment to a rewarding volunteer position.

If you have been accepted, you will be contacted by a member of the selection committee and you must confirm your attendance at the upcoming training weekend.

Each round will vary but we take between 15 and 20 applicants per training round (in March and July). If you are unsuccessful in one round – apply again next round! 

We take volunteers from a range of backgrounds, and no formal skills or qualifications are required. We want enthusiastic people who are prepared to learn and make a real commitment to Fair Game. You will need patience and a sense of humour!

Applications are considered by our committee at each intake period (Jan/Feb & June/July). Applications will be acknowledged by email giving a date for when you will be notified by as to whether they have been successful by email. You must then confirm your attendance at the next training weekend.


Currently we have two intakes and training weekends a year in Perth for volunteers who wish to go on Regional trips.  Applications are open in Jan/Feb and June/July

If you are interested in joining our Broome or Hedland Volunteer Hubs or wish to be a friend of Fair Game and help with the Recycle & Donate program please email info@fairgame.org.au

New volunteers are expected to attend a residential training course over a weekend (Sat/Sun).

Trip calendars are produced in rough at the end of the preceding year, which means you have a whole year calendar right from the end of the year before! You can sign up to trips then, but you’re welcome to sign up anytime – for example if you prefer to sign up a month or two before the trip you can do that too. Please note that all calendars are subject to change depending on community need and volunteer availability. 


Background information about Fair Game as an organisation.

Policies and procedures training, that is mandatory in order to participate in regional trips.

Sessions on our programs (Recycle & Donate, Game On! and Healthy Communities) including how to run our Game On! and Healthy Communities sessions in communities. 

Cultural awareness training and some tips of behavioural management when teaching kids.

Absolutely. We only ask that all volunteers do one of each of: a Perth based activity (quiz night helper, busy bee days etc), a short weekend trip (Wheatbelt or Mid West) and a longer trip (Pilbara or Kimberley). You have complete control about which activities and trips you sign up for.

You can choose your level of involvement and if there are particular programs that you’re interested in, let us know! We want to help you to get the most out of your time with Fair Game.


Trip length varies. Trips to the Wheatbelt are generally 2 days. Mid West trips are anywhere from long weekend trips to week-long trips. Trips to the Pilbara and the Kimberley are between 5 and 7 days.

Accommodation is often donated. It can include camping on school floors or your own room in a flash caravan park bungalow – you have to be willing to be flexible and sometimes sleep a bit rough!

We understand that being sent to remote locations can be a bit daunting, so we make sure you’re put through a comprehensive training program and are always supported by an experienced Trip Leader and supporting Senior Fair Gamer as well as another Fair Gamer when on remote trips.

There will always be at least three people on each trip – a Trip Leader, Senior Fair Gamer and Fair Gamer.

There are different levels of commitment available for Fair Gamers, Weekend Fair Gamers and Friends of Fair Game.

For Fair Gamers we expect all volunteers to:

  • Participate in at least one Perth activity a year (Busy Bee, volunteering at an event, fundraising or attending a Perth program session); and
  • Participate in at least one short session/trip a year (a Perth session or Wheatbelt day/weekender); and
  • Participate in at least one longer rural trip (Mid West, Pilbara and Kimberley regions) a year; and
  • Must be available to participate in the training weekend (February or July);
  • Attending any meetings for any road-trips or projects that you are involved with.

The more willing you are to participate in Perth based activities, the more likely you will be selected for a rural road-trip team.

Further Fair Gamer activities may include:

  • Writing a short blog article for Fair Game’s website and social media;
  • Collecting donations of sporting equipment;
  • Helping sort donations or packing healthy communities backpacks;
  • Participating in decision making for the Recycle & Donate or Healthy Communities teams through roles on their committees;
  • Attending fun social events!

All new Fair Gamers are allocated a Mentor buddy when they join, to help them get involved in the organisation and to be a point of call for any questions you’re too embarrassed to ask!

We understand that being sent to remote locations can be a bit daunting, so we make sure you’re put through a comprehensive training program and are always supported by an experienced Trip Leader and supporting Senior Fair Gamer as well as another Fair Gamer when on remote trips.

You will never be asked or expected to do something that you do not feel comfortable doing.

After a year of service with Fair Game, you may be asked to attend Senior Fair Gamer training where you will learn how to run a trip. Senior Fair Gamers will always be supported by a more experienced Trip Leader on trips, so this is a great way to transition into a leadership role.

Once you’ve completed a few trips as a senior, you may be asked to be Trip Leader on a trip. As Trip Leader, you will be in charge of the day-to-day logistics during the trip.

If you love our other programs, we have opportunities to be involved in committees for our Recycle & Donate or Healthy Communities programs. There you can help run and make decisions about the direction of the programs.

There are always other opportunities to be involved for example running the quiz night, becoming a Mentor to new Fair Gamers or anything you approach us with an interest in.