Emily's Story

Fair Gamer of the Year

Emily Rance

19 year old Emily joined us at the start of 2020 and has thrown herself into Fair Game life whilst studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Business Law / Natural Resource Management).

“I joined Fair Game after Nicki the CEO came and spoke at my school assembly last year. In my final year of school there was a lot of discussion about what I wanted to do with my life and Nicki brought an option I had never considered. Working for a not-for profit delivering health programs to regional communities combined with sports sounded too good to be true. The ability to volunteer and do something I loved whilst studying made the decision to join super easy”

Em has already been on multiple regional trips, and helps out regularly with our Recycle & Donate program.

Emily embodies exactly what it means to be a Fair Gamer. Since joining our team, she has always been one of the first to put her hand up for anything, always ready to help out and jump in to assist and is already a leader amongst our volunteers!

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