Alyssa's Story

Senior Fair Gamer of the Year

Alyssa Monte

Post Grad Health Promotion student Alyssa joined us in 2019 after hearing about Fair Game from a friend.

“All my friend ever spoke about was how amazing it was being part of such an organisation! I have always loved sports and health and I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to share what I love! Heading down a health promotion path myself, I know how important an organisation like Fair Game is to the community, and to be a part of Fair Game, is not only rewarding for yourself, but for others too,” Alyssa said.

Since joining Fair Game, Alyssa has put her hand up to help out with everything Fair Game does, from reviewing our Healthy Communities program, to helping out at Busy Bees, training weekends and with the merchandise committee and of course, visiting regional communities to deliver our programs.

Alyssa lives and breathes Fair Game values and sets a great example for our wider volunteer base.

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