Yalgoo 2014

With the start of the new year we were able to visit a new community for Fair Game in the Mid-West: Yalgoo.

Julianne, Dave and Claire had spent a very hot weekend in January in Yalgoo donating equipment to the shire to be used in the town’s new Rage Cage sports facility.

There was a good turn out considering the 47 degree heat and we made good use of the water park between games of indoor cricket, basketball, Wedge Tail Eagles and the Wellness Walkabout.

The Healthy Communities messages were well received with the kids loving their packs and making good use of the Amanda Young waterbottles. Everyone did a great job of washing their hands before we enjoyed some apples and oranges.

The Fair Game team had a hair-raising trip through the bat infested Jokers Tunnel just out of town, with Dave and Julianne enjoying it so much they went back to check it out after dark.

Special thanks to the Shire of Yalgoo, Pip Parsonson, and our Mid-West sponsor: Horizon Power.

We are looking forward to visiting Yalgoo again later in the year.