Leading the way through the Pilbara to kick off 2016

With school back for 2016, Charlotte, Andrew, Brett and Melissa braved the heat, and headed up to the Pilbara to revisit some old faces and meet some new ones.

After a warm welcome and breakfast from John in Port Headland, we headed off for our first stop of the trip: Yandeyarra.

As the mercury creeped north, we were eager to start early in Yandeyarra. The day began promptly with the school bell echoing across the community. Sticking to the shade of the grass and basketball court, Frisbee Ninjas, Wedge Tail Eagles and basketball were followed by some Wellness Walkabout and Healthy Communities sessions. The team were also lucky enough to help out in the classroom with the kindergarten children, with Andrew and Brett really showing their talents when it came to storytelling and building blocks.

The Yandeyarra pool was the place to be in the afternoon. Heated volleyball games were cloaked with clouds of laughter, and the icy pole at the end was an added bonus!

After a quick dip in Fern Pool at Karijini National Park, the team set off for the drive down to Newman. They were warmly welcomed by Fair Game host Amy who provided an exhausting but fun night filled with Bananagrams and fruit salad. The next morning,  the team headed to the local pool to meet some of the kids who were playing at the AFL Pilbara Cup later that day.

It was wonderful seeing Football bringing together so many different communities in one place, and served as a reminder as to the importance of sport and healthy kids in remote Australia.
We look forward to coming back to visit the Pilbara in the future!