Kimberley Trip – Gibb River Road April 2014 – Through the Eyes of a First Timer

On Easter Sunday, five Fair Gamers headed to the Kimberley for a week of fun school holiday activities with the kids from various communities located along the Gibb River Road. For four of the Fair Gamers (including myself), this was to be our very first trip!

I boarded the plane with mixed emotions of excitement and trepidation for the week ahead. The thought of sleeping on the ground and eating tinned tuna for breakfast, lunch and dinner didn’t appeal to me greatly but the prospect of seeing some of the beautiful Western Australian landscape and meeting the kids of the communities had me jumping out of my skin.

My initial reservations were soon alleviated upon arriving at our first community, Mowanjum. The kids were already gathered at the basketball court and we quickly had games of Knock Out, Golden Child and Wedge Tailed Eagles up and running. Everyone was super enthusiastic to participate (making it very easy for us new comers) and couldn’t wait for our return in a few days time.
The gang then hit the Gibb River Road for a few hours before arriving for an afternoon of relays, Wellness Walkabout yoga and Healthy Bodies activities at Imintji, a smaller community gorgeously located at the foot of the Precipice Range.

We headed further east to Kupungarri for a good night’s rest in the nurse’s day clinic before setting up our base on the basketball court for a morning of basketball and tennis skills as well as fitness and dancing led by the famous “Hollywood” herself (Gracie). With a helping hand from some eager kids, we spent the afternoon cleaning up Kupungarri’s impressive Youth Centre which had been out of use and gathering dust for the last 6 months before heading to the local creek for a much needed cool down swim. After dinner, we hosted a grand ‘re-opening’ of the Youth Centre with games of pool, air hockey, arcade games and Xbox Kinect as well as colouring in and jewelry making for the younger ones. Come Thursday morning, I was very sad to say goodbye but we had to pack up the Avis rental car and start our journey back to Derby.
For the last morning of our trip we hosted a healthy Anzac Day breakfast in Mowanjum with Weetbix and fruit in abundance for all. The kids enjoyed the feast and the numerous games of Knock Out that followed!
Overall, it was an extremely enjoyable trip and a very rewarding experience for all. For us newbies it was a great opportunity to implement the skills and activities we learnt in our training and to generally get a better understanding of the types of communities and people Fair Game services. On top of all this, I made some great new friends and got to see some more of the beautiful state we are so privileged to live in. Oh and I didn’t even eat tuna once!