Donate Equipment


We want to give your pre-loved sports equipment a new life in the hands of those less fortunate.

If you have equipment to donate please read ahead to learn what, how, when and where you can donate. Please read the FAQ below prior to contacting us with donations as it might help answer some of your questions.
UPDATE MARCH 2018:  We are currently in need of soccer balls, team bibs, cones, boxing gloves/focus pads, frisbees, skipping ropes, dodgeballs and hula hoops!. We cannot current accept recycled trophies due to an influx of these items. Click HERE to read our flyer.

Some Fast Facts that Inspire What We Do

  • To date we have recycled and donated over 25,000 items on equipment
  • We currently donate in excess of 6000 items per year!
You can help us by donating your pre-loved sports equipment at the following locations. Our recycle bins are bright blue so you can’t miss them!

What Can I Donate?

We target specific areas of need identified by our field partners. Below you can find an equipment wish list of items we desperately need. There are a range of other items needed so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have equipment you think we can use. Note that all donations should be in functional condition and cleaned prior to donation.
Dec 2017- Please note we cannot current accept recycled sports trophies due to an influx of these items. Further details in the FAQ below.

How Can I Donate?

Donations can be made at the times/dates listed below or if you have a specific donation or an extra large item do not hesitate to contact us to discuss delivery/pickup options. Please attach a donation label to your item/s so we can contact you. We also accept interstate donations.
Click here to check out our Equipment ‘Wish List’

How do I request equipment for myself/my club/ my community?

Please complete a Wish List Form detailing exactly what type of equipment, and how many of each item that you require.  We fulfil equipment requests on a quarterly basis. If you have any enquiries please email:  


Q: I have some equipment to donate. Where can I drop it off? A: We have a number of ‘donation bins’ in which you can leave your donations. They are located at various points around Perth and rural WA. Please see our website for specific details: If the donation is too large to donate or you have any other questions, please let us know in this email and our volunteers will respond as soon as we can. 
Q: I have some equipment to donate. When is the best time to donate? A: We have quarterly ‘busy bees’ when our volunteers process all the incoming/outgoing donations. If you have the ability to drop off your generous donation directly to our storage shed in Malaga (Perth) between 9am-11am on the Sunday of the busy bee this will help us reduce our administration time. You will also get to see where your donation is likely to go! Please email for the next busy bee date.
Q: I am located in the Eastern States but would like to donate to Fair Game. A: The distance between our main collection points in Perth and the Eastern States presents some logistical difficulties for general donations. We are a volunteer organisation and as such
cannot afford to the fund the transport of donations to Perth. We would love to accept your donations of any high yield items including footballs, basketballs and football boots. If you are financially positioned to be able to provide this please let us know and we can organise the finer details. Sometimes travelling friends can bring the equipment over with them to deposit at our collection centres in Perth.
Q: I would like to request a donation.  A: Wonderful! We are always looking for potential recipients of our equipment because we love to see it being used. Please complete a Wish List Form detailing exactly what type of equipment, and how many of each item that you require. If you have any enquiries please email:  
Q: I would like to donate clothing, do you accept this?  A: We do not receive many requests for clothing so these donations would be more useful to an organisation such as the Good Samaritans or St. Vincent de Paul’s. The exception to that rule would be teams sets of AFL guernseys and basketball singlets, so please send us an email if you would like to donate these items.   
Q: Can I receive a tax invoice for my donation? A: We have deductible gift recipient donation status for financial donations and truly appreciate every dollar gifted to us. You can donate via PayPal on our website or we can provide you with EFT details. Unfortunately we cannot provide a receipt for recycled second hand equipment for taxation purposes  
Q: I would like to donate trophies, do you accept these? A (NO): Thank you for thinking of Fair Game with your generous offer, but we are not currently accepting trophy donations as we currently have enough trophies and cannot go over capacity in our storage.  
Q: What are the items you have the greatest need for?  A: Junior football/soccer boots, AFL balls, basketballs and soccer balls are our most requested items for donation. Running collection drives at your sporting club is a great way to collect these items.   
Q: What condition does my donation need to be in? A: We ask that your donations be in good condition, because they are going to a second home and therefore need to be functional and durable.   
Q: Can I receive a photo of the person receiving my donation?  A: Due to privacy issues we are not able to guarantee a photo of your donation.   
Q: I am based overseas but would like to receive some equipment, how can I arrange this? A: Fair Game has a vision for a Fit & Healthy Australia and as such our focus is on providing equipment to Australian communities in need. In the event we have equipment in surplus we would consider donating, however as a not-for-profit organisation we cannot afford to fund the transport of equipment. If you are able to fund the transport yourself, and we have the equipment available, we would love to assist.   
Q: Does Fair Game take unsolicited offers from sports equipment manufacturers for new product?  A: No, we are a charity and do not purchase new product to donate

Bin locations

Browse the map below to find bin locations in your area.


Fair Game HQ Lords, Subiaco Collection Bin; near main reception area. 6am-9pm weekdays (8am-5pm weekends)

University of Western Australia 6am-11pm (6am-9pm weekends)

Fremantle Football Club Collection Bin; near administration reception area, first floor, above the team store. 9am-4pm (closed weekends)

JD Hardie Youth Zone, Port Hedland 8am-8pm (9am-5pm weekends)

Shire Office – Broome 8am-4pm (closed weekends)