Emily Higham

Emily Higham

Senior Fair Gamer

Location: Perth, WA

Fair Gamer Since:

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Emily grew up on a farm in Williams, and moved to Perth to attend university. She has recently completed her BSc with a double major in Psychology and minor in Anatomy at the University of Western Australia. She has worked in agriculture, hospitality and childcare but hopes to find a flourishing career in regional health or welfare. Emily has thoroughly enjoyed her involvement with Fair Game since January 2013, highlights including Friday nights at Midland PCYC and being complimented on her footy kicks in Wiluna. She sees Fair Game as an effective way to improve the physical and mental health of WA children through education and engagement in a sustainable way. Her individual goals for Fair Game include planning more Wiluna trips, to see increased physical activity engagement through the Fitness Foundations program, and to assist sustainable recruitment to Fair Game.